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In 2006 a sad day fell upon the HFC (Hamer Fan Club). I wasnt addicted to Hamer Guitars at this time but have since learned the story of a man named "Wyld Bil".

Wyld Bil was a guy who loved music! He contributed to the HFC and played Rock and Roll!! Sometimes dressed as a brightly colored clown, he rocked his Kiss tunes! On December 25th, 2006 a sad message came down on the HFC message boards. WyldBil had passed away December 8th 2006

Some time after the HFC had finished saying it's good-byes with rememberances of Wyld Bil one of the members decided to move forward with a project to keep the spirit of Wyld Bil alive amongst the many members of the HFC.

A great guy and HFC member by the name of Gene (aka, BTMN) got ahold of one of Wyld Bil's guitars to represent WB properly! This guitar was then offered up to the HFC collective as a traveling reminder of what WB was all about. Sharing the music. Passed from one HFC member to the next, this guitar has made it a very long way with many photos to document its travels. Visit the "sticky" (permanant) post on the HFC to read more.

In early February 2017 the guitar made its way to me, the HamerGuitarAddict. Though not a lot to look at this guitar eminates Mojo like nobodys buisiness. It travels with a collection of trinkets from its past visits. Nothing of value but each a treasure in itself. This guitar will spend some time here traveling the city, into the woods and about the area of Seattle. Please stay tuned as photos are added until it released to the next person inline to spread its mojo as far as possible. What a great project and tribute to a man who loved his music! RIP Wyld Bil, cheers!
Wyld Bil
Good ol' #5
Fremont Troll
Bruce and Brandon Lee
Volunteer Park
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