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The Hamer 9s

Hamer did a number of short run guitars or "Limited Editions". Some runs larger than others depending on the model. I was lucky enough to be contacted by a fellow Hamer Addict and all around awesome dude who had collected several of the special editions with the series number "9". In all, over time, I was able to secure 6 Limited Edition guitars all #9. Many of these guitars are featured in "The Book" as examples of the work at Hamer USA. Made from materials such as Korina, Redwood and Earthen Maple these Limited Edition guitars are some of the finest Hamer had to offer. I feel very lucky to have them in my collection. Though I still have a few "9s" to aquire, I have a very good start :) If you have a Hamer USA LE #9 or #10 and would like to discuss parting with it please contact me, I am always looking for the other 9s and 10s. Cheers!
Left to Right;
Earthen Maple Studio  No.9, 25th Anniversary Artist No.9, Korina Standard No.9, Korina Vector No.9, Redwood Studio No.9 and 30th Anniversary Studio No.9
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