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The "Veritone Standard"

A wonderful sonic combination of Standard/Explorer, Firebird, and Stratocaster. The body of this Standard is chambered which opens the sound nicely. The Lollar pickups have a lot of punch and spank with the middle pickup adding out-of-phase Stratocaster tones, and the Tonestyler takes you from sharp and biting treble to smooth-mids, cocked-wah tones.  

One of five Hamer Standards made to these specs:
Chambered and weighs less than 8 pounds.
Ultimate grade flame maple top. Each of the 5 were different.
One piece mahogany back.
Three custom, Lollar Firebird pickups.
Tonestyler  with 16 presets replaces tone knob.
Custom middle knob which is a blend for the middle pickup to allow all 7 possible pickup combinations. This will add a hint of the middle pickup to the bridge, neck, or both pickups adding some great tonal options.
Vintage-carve three-piece neck, ebony fretboard, 14" radius, mother-of-pearl ghost victory inlays. Schaller tuners.

This is a really fun guitar to play with! Tonal options to the extreme!
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