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The "Eathen Maple Studio #9"

From the Hamer Workshop;
"Recently, we were able to acquire just such a thing—a small quantity of figured maple with a very special pedigree. This curly stuff had been submerged in a bog of mud, and over time had absorbed various earth minerals, leaving amazing and exotic streaking. I call it "Earthen" maple to describe where the tiger got its stripes. We thought it would be a great foundation for a limited run of guitars, if we could dry it successfully"

As readers of this blog know, we were lucky to find a small log of figured maple that had been submerged in mud. The resulting mineral staining gave this wood a unique character that we dubbed "Earthen" maple. We were able to get just over fifty pieces for guitar tops, the first twenty five of which we used for our original Earthen Maple Studio edition guitars. We documented their construction here, in the run-up to their official debut at the winter NAMM convention in January of this year. Those guitars were sold in less than ten minutes after being announced!

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