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The Hamer "Standard". One of my favorite Hamer guitars! From Rick Nielsens iconic Checkered Standard to Lita Ford's "Salt and Pepper" duo, these really catch the eye! So what if Gibson did it first, Hamer did it BETTER! They may all look the same but let me assure you that the tones from each vary greatly! Some of Hamers first successful guitars were the "4 digit" Standards which started in the 70's. They continued the line in a production guitar that was off the charts. I like the older 70's models but I understand them to be hit and miss in real tone, I have no first hand information, I cant afford it. However, I have a few of the later series USA Standards and have found them to be a favorite. With amazing tops, the famous "Hockey Stick" headboard and the famous Hamer "Tone to the Bone", these things ROCK! It was once said that pointy guitars rock the hardest :) Yeah you can get the cleans you want too but.....
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