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Obviously much of the information provided here has been gathered from multiple sources around the internet like old workshop blogs, magazine articles and even the old Hamer website. I would like to give these sites and sources credit for their effort keeping the name Hamer USA alive in photos and information in the afterlife. Heck, someday they are actually going to take down the old Hamer page, right? Maybe?

The Ultimate - An Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars ... aka; "The Book"-
First and formost is "The Book". It not only has several of my guitars contained within its pages but also was a great inspiration to me in starting my little Hamer collection. So CHEERS to "The Ultimate - An Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars". You can purchase "The Book" on Amazon or any fine online bookstore with a clue.

The Ultimate Hamer Archive -
Early on in my Hamer addiction someone shot me the address to The Ultimate Hamer Archive at and I spent the day cruising this site full o' goodies! Quite the collection of information along with some great photos!! Info on damn near every Hamer you could dream of.

The Hamer Fan Club -
Whenever I need to know how many guitars were in "X" run or what color plays better I can go to the HFC. A great source of information. If you really dig in to the archives you will find a ton of incredible Hamer knowledge.

The "Original" Hamer website, may it live forever!

To the "Ranger of the Korina Forest" Cheers and thank you!

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